Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mosaic making for ....3 teachers and a two year old!

Well, I have had a very busy few weeks so blogging has been few and far between recently. I spent a saturday afternoon recently making mosaics with my friends, who are also both teachers. They had been inspired by Kirsty Allsops series, Kirsty's Home Made Home...that woman has got a lot to answer for! Playing the role of Kirsty in the reconstruction are my friends, Nicolette and Claire. Playing the role of the poor sap who has to finish all the work off and tidy up the mess whilst Kirsty totters off into the distance saying 'look how posh I am' - me!

Only I decided they would have to do all the work, so we all got stuck in..including my friends' two year old - phrase of the day - 'my turn!'.

Essential ingredients -

Mosaic tiles,
Broken tiles left over from the kitchen
Large bathroom tiles (doesn't matter what they look like, we went for the public toilet look)
Lots of tile grout
Tile adhesive
A large glass of wine!

We drilled holes in a tile, thinking this would be the best way of eventually attaching them to the garden wall. Then we laid out the design. Much umming and aahing ensured as we tried to make the designs nice and even and straight. (My friend said they could be any colour, as long as it was blue, and any shape. As long as it was symmetrical. and mostly square.)
I managed to add in some green when she wasn't looking! We then added the adhesive. A very messy job indeed!

Things swiftly decended into mayhem! However, we eventually got four completed mosaic tiles, soon to be displayed in my friends garden, once they are all cleaned up and finished. Now, to totter off on my heels. Did I mention I was really posh and rich and stuff?

I wonder - has Kirsty Allsop had an affect on anyone else recently? Any stories which feature crafts gone slightly wrong due to Kirsty and her endeavors?


Nic said...

That looks like so much fun!! I am resisting the Kirsty urge by being too busy getting ready for my last show of the year but then my house is going to get a make-over ;)

theothermousie said...

LOL - very funny - looks like you had a great time. Bet you could give Kirstie a run for her money any day xx