Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I have had a very long day in London today, on an Interactive whiteboard course for art teachers - really intersting and threw up loads of facinating things that you can do with the internet and with these cool interactive boards..mine arrives at school today, so lots of fun to be had (and work to be done) preparing resources! The training was through Dragonfly ( and I would highly recommend it, really thorough and totally useful, not at all boring as eveything was hands on.
One program we found out about was Picassa - I have seen it but never really knew what it was all about - but it apparently finds all the photos and pictures on your computer and sorts them all out for you and makes them much more accessible. It's free, from google - going to download it this evening!
Another thing he showed us was how to add tags to google earth - so if you have actually been somewhere you can 'tag' that area on google earth with your own photos - tres cool!

I am amazed that there are so many free programmes out there that can make life so much easier - just have to find the time to actually download and use them....

My head is buzzing with ideas - my year 10 tommorow won't know what hit them! no more sitting and getting away with just listening to me (or half listening!) they will be interacting all over the place! Will let you know how it goes - hopefully will be getting me a graphics tablet this week too, so will post about my experiments with the laser cutter soon too..

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nifty thrifty said...

picassa is amazing isn't it. There's also which allows you to add text and frames and filters and all sorts. Even better it's free too!