Friday, 5 June 2009

25 followers giveaway! And another giveaway - just can't stop giving, me!

Well, just a quick post as I am very excited to announce I have 25 followers! Have jotted down all your names, and will be drawing the winner out of the hat tomorrow - would do it now but you gotta love the suspense! Its the weekend at last, so I will be making the prize tomorrow - will post the winner and a photo of their lovely (I hope!) prize tomorrow!

Hoping the weather will hold out as I am planning some mosaic-ing with my friend on saturday afternoon - I can't believe what a beautiful weekend we had last weekend - may have used up all our summer methinks!

We went to the beach on Sunday, had a lovely time, and a swim - Frreeezzing! but good. The beach we go to is lovely - however as mentioned, it's one of the few nice places in kent - so I am keeping quiet about the location! I will say is is near Folkestone, which is only a 3omin drive from us in sunny Maidstone.

I collected some lovely beach glass that day - most of it very small though, not really big enough to do anything with single pieces - plus some beach 'china' which is lovely - one bit still had a willow pattern on it. Have a few possibilities of what to do with it - but do you lovely lot have any better ideas? I do have some clear resin, but I don't have any molds and I don't fancy waiting to have some delivered! I do have some sterling silver scraps and wire knocking about, and am itching to do some soldering, as haven't in ages - so - what can I make from some beach glass and any other things I am likely to have to hand? Answers on a postcard! As long as the best idea doesn't use up all the glass then the person who suggests it will get one made for them too. Its only fair!

Here are some piccies of my finds. The largest is only about 1.5cm, and the smallest only a few millimetres. There are some gorgeous colours, ranging from really pale blue through to cobalt, and olive to bottle and pale greens. Not the best photo though....


niftyknits said...

my lips are sealed re secret location! will you be at the tweet-up next week? hope to meet you there (scary thought!)

Mollimoo said...

Gorgeous sea glass pieces. Such pretty colours, too. Thanks for your comment! Lovely blog x

missmakesstuff said...

Thanks! yep Nifty, will try to be there, will be arriving on my large purple bicycle if it isn't raining!

Molimoo, thanks! any suggestions on what to do with them though?

Hats and More said...


How about a lovely ring made with some wire with the piece of glass on top. Like a gemstone ring only with the piece of glass instead.

JD By Laura said...

i would love to win some sea glass been on holiday recently but didn't find any of it. If i did win i have some French Nitted Wire so would put the sea glass in that and add some beads that would go with it maybe make bracelet or set depending on the amount