Sunday, 31 May 2009

Nearly there!

Well, this is just a quick post as I am waiting for hubby to hurry up and get ready so we can go to the beach! I have been totally manic with my proper job this week - yes it's half term, but two days of coursework 'sorting out', paperwork for exam boards and 90 reports to write have made me have to pause the blogging and making this! but no fear, I will resume....

I now have 22 followers! very excited - and have been trying to make sure I follow and read you blogs too. This week I will start making the cuff I promised to one of the lucky followers, in a teal blue silk - thanks for the comments to help me decide!

I am also going to be busy trying to perfect my use of the laser cutter - going to try using a graphics tablet this week, so all very exciting! Oh yes, and will probably do some teaching as well at some point.....

Right, looks like the man in my life has dragged himself off the sofa, so we're off! I will probably post some pictures of our secret location later - not going to tell any of you where it is though, because its a lovely beach, and mine, all mine! whmahahahahah!

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